Protection status
Near threatened
Near threatened
Scientific classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Camelidae
Genus Llama
Species L. Trongontas
Binomial name
Llama Trongontas
Derek De Flaams, 2020

Llama Trongontas, usually called nekoulika as named by the indigenous Kuscomi people of the Westerly subcontinent, is a medium sized camelid the lives exclusively in America. Accustomed to the dry Westerly steppes and coastal plains, the nekoulika grazes on grass and small shrubs. Kuscomi and Musqona peoples in the are used these northern llamas as livestock long before Europeans reached America, and many of their descendants still raise nekoulika today. With their rust colored fur, nekoulikas can best be described as short haired llamas and stand around 1.5 meters tall at the head. Although domesticated and used as livestock, nekoulikas have weak backs and can not be used as beast of burdens.